Institute for Social Science Research on Algeria

Algeria and the world :
Diversions and Misunderstandings


The Algerian regime carefully maintains the myth of a subversive Algeria on the international scene. the country’s foreign policy primarily serves the regime and adjusts its contingent interests, not those of the nation. Regime survival is the central objective guiding foreign policy. this policy combines the rigid posture of the besieged – particularly when it comes to Morocco and France – and flexibility – when it comes to the rest of the world. The former posture promotes a spirit of national unity, which is arguably contradictory to the concept of democracy. In parallel, flexibility makes Algeria a valuable partner to global or regionalpowers. Beyond this flexibility and the myth of a ‘progressive’ Algeria, the Algerian regime remains fundamentally counter-revolutionary. While the Algerian system seems to promote «stability», it is a source of instability due to the structural legitimacy crisis

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