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Hugh Roberts

Professor of History, Tufts University

Dr. Hugh Roberts is the Edward Keller Professor of North African and Middle Eastern History at Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA. He holds a Ph.D. in History from Oxford University. Professor Roberts is a specialist on North Africa and has carried out in-depth research, including extensive fieldwork in Algeria. His research interests include the political history of Algeria, political anthropology of Algeria with a particular focus on the Kabyle question, and Berber politics. He has published several books and journal articles covering these themes.

Prior to joining Tufts, professor Roberts held several academic positions. In 2015-2016 he was also the Simons Visiting Professor in Dialogue on International Law and Human Security at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Between 1976 and 1997 he lectured at the University of East Anglia, the University of Sussex, the University of California, Berkeley, and the School of Oriental and African Studies in the University of London. From 1997 to 2002 he was a Senior Research Fellow at the London School of Economics. He has also worked outside academia as an independent scholar and consultant and as Director of the International Crisis Group’s North Africa Project, based in Cairo, from 2002 to 2007 and again from February to July 2011.

Political history of independent Algeria
The political anthropology of Algeria and Kabylia in particular
The social and political transformation of Great Kabylia during the Ottoman period
The Kabyle question in Algeria
Social movements and the problem of political parties
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