Institute for Social Science Research on Algeria


Launched in June 2021, the Institute for Social Science Research on Algeria (ISSRA) is the first independent research institute dedicated to the analysis of the political, economic, social, and cultural dynamics shaping Algeria.

Based on the assessment that the social sciences have long been marginalised in Algeria, ISSRA aims to help produce a new research agenda in order to better understand the complex dynamics underway in the country. This scientific platform is multidisciplinary, allowing a continuous dialogue between sociology, political science, economics, history, anthropology and other related disciplines. The institute is also trilingual (Arabic, English, French) enabling researchers and readers to break existing linguistic silos in the production of knowledge on Algeria.


ISSRA has three central objectives:

  1. Produce and bring together empirical and theoretical studies on different political, economic, social and cultural aspects shaping contemporary Algeria.
  2. Contribute to the strengthening of local research capacities in the social sciences as well as the promotion of a new generation of Algerian researchers on the international academic scene.
  3. Create a place for reflection and dialogue between those who make up the scientific community, policymakers, private actors, specialists from different professional backgrounds and civil society actors.

Values and Principles

 ISSRA's publications and activities are guided by the following values ​​and principles:


ISSRA does not obey the instructions of any party, whether public or private, Algerian or foreign. The institute receives its funding from its collaboration with various universities and research centres, as well as research grants obtained by its researchers. This independence constitutes the basis of its credibility as a research centre.

Intellectual diversity

ISSRA is committed to publishing articles from various theoretical horizons, provided that the work meets scientific principles. Freedom of opinion must be based on evidence and supported by factual elements, and must be guided by critical thinking, accuracy and intellectual integrity.


ISSRA considers that innovation plays a key role in understanding the complex and evolving dynamics of a society and in building adequate solutions. The institute encourages the use of new techniques, research methods, and the innovative adaptation of theoretical prisms to the analysis of contemporary Algeria and the world in which it operates.