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Professor of Sociology, University of Oran 2

Mohamed Mebtoul is a retired professor of sociology at the University of Oran 2, where he was the director of the Research Unit in Social Sciences and Health. He is the founder of the sub-discipline of anthropology of health in Algeria in 1991 and he is the co-founder of GRAS (Groupe de Recherche en Anthropologie de la Santé/ Research Group on the Anthropology of Health).

His socio-anthropological research has focused on socio-sanitary issues centered on the social logics deployed by chronically ill patients, families, health professionals, and public authorities. Other work has focused on the sexuality of young people, the so-called “reproductive” health of women, and the tensions around child feeding, through the prism of social-sexual relationships. This micro-sociological research enabled him to question the notion of citizenship in Algeria, from an anthropological perspective, showing its absence in Algerian society and especially the reasons behind its non-constitution.

Professor Mebtoul’s research led him to apprehend the Algerian “Hirak” of February 22, 2019, by investing the public space in an attempt to understand its objectives, logics of action, and the interactions of the demonstrators. More recently, his work on the “meaning of evil” has been re-mobilized to explain the practices of the population vis-à-vis the Covid-19 pandemic.

Young people
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