Institute for Social Science Research on Algeria


Nouri Dris

Lecturer in Sociology, University of Setif 2

Nouri Dris is a lecturer and researcher in sociology at the University of Setif II. He is a member of the Contemporary Algerian Society and he is a member of the Arab Council for Social Sciences (Beirut) from which he holds a grant as part of the program Inequalities in the Arab Region. Through this grant, Dr. Dris conducted research on “The distribution of rent as a mechanism of exacerbation of social inequalities in Algeria (2015-2017)”. He defended a doctoral thesis in political sociology titled “rentier practices, political patronage and civil society in Algeria”.

Dr. Dris participated in several collective productions on issues of democratic transition in Algeria and in the Arab world. He has published several articles in journals published in Arabic. He is a contributor to the Arab Reform Initiative.

Authoritarianism in rentier regimes
Democratic transitions and the rentier state
The political sociology of the Algerian regime
Civil society in rentier states
Political Islam and democracy
Dris, N. The Future of the Algerian Hirak Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, (Arab reform initiative, 2020).
Dris, N. Algeria’s presidential Elections: Stopping a democratic transition? (Arab reform initiative, 2019).